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Featured Pet!
Breed: Long-Haired Dachshund
Age:     5
Human: Peggy
Wherever little Sam Adams goes, people take notice.
Whether he is at the park, going for a ride in the car,
or at the grooming salon getting his "rub-a-dub", as his
mom phrases it, his cuteness gets lots of attention.

"He is just shockingly cute!"  his pet sitter says."Sam Adams
doesn't quite seem real to me.  He's like an adorable
stuffed animal or cartoon character that has come
to life.  When I first met him, I expected to find a battery pack
under his belly."

Sam enjoys playing with his "babies" (his toys), going for rides
in his baby buggy, and playing with his best friends and
cat companions, Lucy and Molly.  Sam loves to give them
kisses.  When Sam goes to bed, he likes to be wrapped
up in the blanket like a cute little enchilada.
Sam is a turkey baby because he was born on
Thanksgiving Day.  His favorite color is pink and he
enjoys munching on ice cubes while sitting on his patio.
Sam Adams
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Featured Pet
Pug Play Group

Breed: Scotty/Westie Mix
Age:  10.5    
Human: Gwen and Marty
previous featured pet...
When you enter Jack's house, be prepared to be greeted by a cute wiggling, hugging, kissing, enthusiastic bundle of black curly fur!  There is no creature alive that makes
you feel more welcome into a home like Jack. 
But beneath the overly adorable and darling coat...underneath the black "skirt" and beyond the fluffy "beard" is a very special boy with a very big heart. 
Two and a half years ago, "Jacky" was diagnosed with two different types of cancer.  With perseverance and his great sense of humor, Jack pulled through and survived.  "We can all take lessons from Jacky;" says his mom Gwen.  "Not only is he our greatest treasure, but he's our hero."
Jack enjoys patrolling the yard for squirrels, going for walks, fetching, going for car rides, hanging out with mom and dad, going to the park,
and shopping at PetSmart.  He loves laying outside like a
tipped cow and soaking in the summer sun.  Jack is very
proud of his extensive collection of stuffed toys. (see photo)
Each night, he takes 4 or 5 of the toys outside, some of which
are almost his size!
Jack is also helpful around the house.  He guards and protects
the house by sitting in the main window, and he likes to
help his mom "get" spiders. 
When you speak to Jack, he always gives you his full
undivided attention, by cocking his head and listening
to everything you have to say.