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Pug Play Group

A 15 minute yard potty and play.  
A good choice for puppies or crated dogs.
A 15 minute walk, fresh water and a treat.
A 25 minute walk, fresh water and a treat.
add $2.00 for each additional dog.
Click here to view our mid-day dog walking Service Area.
This service is offered Monday-Friday
between the hours of 11:00a.m. and 3:00p.m.

Can't come home from work to let the dog out?
Let us do it for you!
Mid-day Dog Walking Service

1 visit per day         $13
2 visits per day       $23
3 visits per day       $32

Add $1.00 for each additional cat or small animal per visit.
Our 30 Minute Visit Includes:
wmeals/fresh water
wlots of love & attention
wdaily litter box cleaning
we-mail updates every 2 days
whouse sitting services(mail & newspaper collection, water plants, etc)

Cats and small animals (households with no dogs)
cats purr for fort collins pet sitting
rabbits love fort collins pet sitting
fort collins pet sitting loves turtles
Pet Visits
Each visit includes the following:
w20 minute walk or backyard playtime
wmeals/fresh water
wlove, attention, belly rubs, ear scratches
wmedication, if needed
we-mail or text message "pet report" every 2 days
whouse sitting services (mail & newspaper collection, water plants, etc)


2 Dogs           3 Dogs    
$17/day         $19/day
$32/day         $36/day
$45/day         $51/day
2 visits per day            $28/day   
3 visits per day           $39/day

1 visit per day             $15/day   
1 Dog
this yellow lab loves fort collins pet sitting
Add $2.00 for each cat or small animal per day.
Pet Visits
This service is offered 7 days/week for clients who are out of town.
Pet Visits typically last 30 minutes.
Visits to households with 3 or more pets are about 45 minutes.